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Being an HR Consultant at Lanes HR - My story by Billiejo Kay

I am known on the team for being super organised and someone who can be relied on to get things done. This shows in my early morning routine as I always set my alarm for 6.30am but more often than not I am wide awake listening to the birds and walking through my internal mind map of the day ahead. I love to arrive at the office with my day scoped out and a clear picture of what I want to deliver for my clients for the day.

I take pride in the diverse range of clients we provide HR services and support to, regularly adapting to clients that need me physically on site as an integrated part of their team and clients who simply want me at the end of the phone to listen and advise. Being part of a team that encompasses such a wide and varying spectrum is unique and highly rewarding for me, something that challenges and motivates me in equal measures.

There is no typical day and that is what I love the most about my role! You never know who is on the end of the phone when it rings, what query someone may have, how I might add value or make a difference to someone that day. Whilst we have our own designated clients at Lanes HR we also have a shared understanding of all our clients so that they are fully supported by us all.

For me having a variety to the day, adding value to businesses and individuals and feeling the satisfaction of solving HR related problems is the best feeling. At Lanes HR we communicate the technicalities of HR law with a simple, pragmatic and user-friendly approach so that our clients’ needs are met in a way that works for them. I get the opportunity to be involved with a large-scale strategic projects, be onsite in a yellow high vis talking about Saw Safety and writing a new policy all in the same day, who wouldn’t get a buzz from that!

We understand that not everyone knows the intricacies of employment law, and do not appreciate the importance of having the correct policies, procedures and contracts of employment in place and that is okay. That is why at Lanes HR, we have that knowledge to share and guide you through.

I thrive on fairness, helping individuals and businesses exceed their potential, solving problems and love the feeling that I have supported someone or added value to their business and the diverse scenarios I am exposed to regularly.

I am very lucky to have found my niche in life, no Sunday night blues for me and I love what I do even when I hate it! I have HR running through my veins, so no Plan B is required, and I know that Lanes HR is the place for me!

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