Employee Relations

Building loyalty and positive engagement with employees is closely linked to business success. At Lanes, we’ll support you with all aspects of employee relations. We can act as a liaison between employees and managers, to prevent and resolve problems or disputes and guide you through the creation and implementation of policies that are fair for everyone in the workplace.

  • Improving Poor Performance
  • Reducing Absenteeism
  • Reducing Employee Turnover Rates
  • Supporting with Litigations and Tribunals
  • Diversity Management
  • Employee Communication
  • Improving Working Conditions
  • Managing Work-life Balance
  • Mediation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Change Management
  • Complaints and Investigations

Improving Poor


A demotivated and disgruntled workforce won’t deliver their best work which in turn impacts negatively on business performance. Uncovering underlying issues can take a lot of investigation and improvements to fix. We can support you by diagnosing the reasons behind poor performance and recommending improvements to your employment relations policies to improve productivity.

Reducing Absenteeism

High rates of absenteeism could be a signal that employees are feeling burned out due to poor employee relations. We can uncover the reasons for high absenteeism rates and develop clearly defined absence policies that are focused on addressing absence in the right way, supporting employees with the appropriate actions and improving organisational culture. 

Litigation & Dispute Management

We believe that prevention is better than cure so work with our clients to implement processes that avoid potential conflicts and disputes. But, if a more in-depth and complex level of litigation management is needed, we’ll support you through the entire process. Our litigation expert network is on hand so that you get the best possible outcome.

Maintaining Employee Relations

Diversity Management

We can support you with creating and implementing diversity policies to support every member of your team which will strengthen employee relations and create a supportive workplace culture.

Employee Communication

Our experienced team can help you to review and update employee communication and confidentiality. We help implement the exact steps employees can take, creating a safe-to-speak culture.

Conflict Resolution

We can help you to outline formal conflict resolution measures giving managers the tools that they need to solve issues consistently, regardless of their individual thoughts and feelings on the matter.

Complaints & Investigations

We support managers in complaint-handling, taking responsibility for recording complaints and advising actions. Handling investigations discretely and sensitively helps to preserve a good relationship with all employees

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