Resourcing & Onboarding

Employees are your most valuable asset so we’ll guide you in identifying and attracting the right people to complement your existing team. We’ll also help you to make sure they are emotionally, physically and professionally integrated into the established culture and operations of your organisation.

  • Contract, T&Cs & Policy Design
  • Job Analysis  / Design
  • Person Specifications
  • Recruitment Campaigns
  • CV sifting – Shortlisting
  • Interviewing
  • Interview Guidelines & Training
  • Recruitment Administration
  • Reference checking
  • Starter Packs
  • Onboarding Employees
  • Induction Programmes
Resourcing and onboarding HR

Job Design

& Shortlisting

We’ll help you to create job specifications that are clear, concise and accurate, so that the right people apply for the job. When you have your shortlisted applicants, we’ll support you with designing interview questions so that you can thoroughly understand each candidate’s experience and knowledge. 


With a structured onboarding plan, you’ll provide your new employee with the information, relationship introductions and tools they need to be comfortable and confident in their new role. We’ll guide you with the development of a plan that shares role-relevant information and documentation. The plan will also help your new employee to understand what’s expected of them and will enable them to envision their future possibilities. 

Executive Search

If you need to attract executive and senior management talent, we can help with this. Finding and securing talented senior candidates in a competitive market can be a difficult task, but with our knowledge and experience we’ll find the best people to complement your business.

Resourcing & Onboarding Process

1. Position Brief

  • We’ll understand the full requirements of the job.
  • We’ll then develop, confirm and agree a final job description with you.

2. Search

  • The vacancy will be advertised in all the relevant places.
  • We’ll also carry out database searches, network checks and referrals.

3. Interviews

  • We’ll create profiles of suitable candidates and agree with you who should be interviewed.
  • We’ll arrange interview dates and times with the candidates and send notifications.

4. Administration

  • We’ll make an offer and confirm start dates to your chosen successful candidate.
  • We’ll draw up all the offer details and manage the acceptance process.

5. Onboarding

  • We’ll help you to design an onboarding programme so that your new employee integrates smoothly into your company.
  • We’ll help your employee to build key relationships and understand the important part they play in your company’s success.

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