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How does an employer balance a multitude of variances whilst maintaining customer expectations?

Hybrid working is one of the biggest issues facing HR professionals at the moment – myself included and I don’t have the magic answer in my Mary Poppins bag!

It feels like the most volatile time to be in our profession, considering the impact of the COVID19 pandemic which has resulted in a mass resignation trend. The last 24 months has created the opportunity along aside the necessity to reflect on what we want and / or need in our lives, which appears to be ‘more money’, ‘better working conditions’ and most frequently ‘choice around mobility’.

We have experienced a change in the expectations of an employer over the years but none have been as rapid or as precipitous as right now. Entwined with the usual ‘regular paycheque’ and ‘personal development’, is the freedom to come and go based on personal needs and the choice of when and where to work – expecting the employer to accommodate everyone’s work life balance.

How does an employer balance a multitude of variances whilst maintaining customer expectations? Catch 22 as everyone wants and needs to do both. We don’t yet have the answer but together, ideas are being tried and tested – some work, some don’t and that’s okay…right?

Right, but wow is it exhausting!

Many employers are actively looking to implement their version of #hybrid #working with a combination of days required in the office, days allowed at home and team connectivity days; because the question of Hybrid Working is increasingly being asked by candidates in the talent pool as well as by existing employees and also because of the fear of failing or losing out to the competition.

Wanting to keep up and be relevant is a key strategy of 2022 but fostering that #culture with a remote team, maintaining #wellbeing and #motivation virtually isn’t easy and often can’t beat the ‘in -person’ interactions that we as humans need and seek out.

We need to react so quickly as people look to us for the solutions. Albeit that solution will and should look different for each person, each business, each sector and each day. It’s hard, its challenging and often frustrating but isn’t that what we #HR professionals thrive on? Actually, not always and certainly not all the time, but I am okay with not knowing the answer this time and am enjoying each conversation.

My experience thus far has been to be reliable, caring and an empathetic ear to employees. Create an environment that is transparent, open and honest where employees can rise up and address any concerns they have about stress, wellbeing and their changing needs and priorities as individuals.

Having the opportunity to be heard, having the opportunity to work through and find solutions together is so empowering.

Saying you have a readymade #hybrid working solution isn’t as attractive or as supportive as saying you are flexible and open to working together.

Whilst we don’t all have the answer, we are starting to understand employees’ concerns and making sure we have an environment that supports them has become a top priority in 2022.

At #LanesHR we can help support and guide you through the new transition of Hybrid working or be at the end of the telephone whenever you need us.

It isn’t an easy transition but we can take the pressure away.

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