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Being an Apprentice at Lanes HR - My story by Macey Grant-Brown

Every day is different at Lanes HR, I am constantly learning new and exciting things. As an apprentice I am coming into an industry I knew nothing about, and I am so grateful for my team who have helped me develop my knowledge. The team include me in everything to encourage me to question myself and them, this is sometimes scary, but they have created a really comfortable environment to learn in – no such thing as a silly question!

My day usually starts at 10am, so that the team are prepared for the day. Nine times out of ten there’s a cup of coffee waiting for me. I normally start the day by checking my emails and then I write down my to do list for the day, so I know how to manage my time. My work varies from answering the phone, collecting data for new projects, scanning documents, and doing research. I’ve been given the responsibility of organising the office and keeping us COVID safe under the guidelines. I also help compile information for training documents and I administrate on Lanes HRM system on behalf of the team.

I enjoy supporting my team members and having them support me, we have a real team spirit. I help them with big tasks that they cannot complete independently, I answer incoming calls and take messages where required. I am working towards achieving the qualification of a Business Administrator, so I have a lot of academic work I need to complete alongside my day to day which Lanes HR are really supportive of and create opportunity for me to practice what I’m learning.

My favorite thing about my apprenticeship is developing my knowledge about HR. I like contributing my ideas and opinions into new projects and helping the team to expand the business and to watch it grow and become successful. I always ask the unexpected which keep everyone on their toes.

I can honestly say I have never felt like the ‘Newbie’. I have been working at Lanes HR now for around five months, but I feel as if I have always been part of the team. My first day at Lanes HR was nerve wrecking but now I feel like I can be myself around the team, every day I come into work and I leave with a smile on my face.

The atmosphere at work is incredibly positive we always have a laugh, and everyone is supportive. I have very much settled into my new position and formed nice relationships with everyone.