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How we fit laughter and fun into our working day. Who said HR is boring?

I think it is proven that we like to have fun here at Lanes HR.  We always want to project our fun, smiley atmosphere because well – we practice what we preach.

We pull up at work and none of us have that ‘dreaded’ feeling!

Now, do not get me wrong – we do not all skip and do cartwheels through the office door everyday but all of us being together in the office is a massive factor to why we enjoy it so much!

I know that some people would ask ‘Is a fun atmosphere beneficial for business’ and I would reply; If you actually create more of a fun and engaging atmosphere, your employees would be more productive, which in turn means more profitability.

A lot of business owners and managers think that all work and no play is the best way to make the cash! Happier employees feel more satisfied and will be better at their jobs – fact.

FACT: When you start to laugh it does not just lighten your mood mentally it actually induces physical changes in your body. It enhances your intake of ‘oxygen rich air’ increasing your brain release of endorphins.

As an HR Consultancy, we can deal with some difficult and tricky situations, so we ensure that we keep each other’s spirits up and try not to let any situation affect us too much.

We make each other feel good because sometimes, life can be hard! Sharing a good laugh and being a little silly shows people you trust them and that you have no fear of being misunderstood or judged because of it. That is certainly us!

We try not to take ourselves ‘too’ seriously sometimes which helps with general day to day banter – saying well done and smiling goes a long way!

If we are a full team in the office, we make sure that we stop and take lunch with each other. One of us will always do a little food shop in the morning to surprise the team with a croissant and orange juice breakfast or something tasty for lunch!

I know that we truly care and invest in each other so that everyone in the office to feels good, is healthy and enjoys their work.

We believe:
  • Laugh more so you can achieve more.
  • A day without laughter is a day wasted.
  • If it feels good to laugh, then laugh to feel good!

A TEAM WHO LAUGHS TOGETHER, STAY TOGETHER and that’s our goal here at Lanes HR.

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